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Developing commanding stage presence and mastering powerful runway techniques

Exploring strategies for selecting the perfect outfit and evening gown to ensure you stand out and make a lasting impression

Learning pageantry makeup and styling techniques to enhance your natural beauty

Learning to structure your interview and sharpen your public speaking skills for effective communication

Embarking on a journey of mental reprogramming to build the mindset of a queen, developing unwavering self-confidence, resilience, and a winning attitude

Learning body language, etiquette, and self-presentation techniques to exude power, confidence and charm

 Discovering techniques to overcome stage anxiety and maintain composure under pressure

Gaining insights into the do's and don'ts during the pageant confinement days, ensuring you navigate this crucial period with grace and professionalism

Learning how to be a queen in the social media era while cultivating a strong and captivating personal brand

Gaining valuable networking opportunities within the pageant industry

Whether your aspiration is to become a beauty queen or simply evolve to the best version of yourself, Queen Academy is your guiding star.
Here, we will unite the most qualified professionals in each field and you will discover:

Welcome, future Queens! 


My name is Isabella Menin, also known as Queen Bel, and I’m here to be your guide in this enchanting journey.

I come from a family with a long-standing tradition in beauty pageantry that spans generations. Since I was a young girl, I actively participated in numerous beauty pageant competitions, which allowed me to accumulate a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field over the years. I have dedicated myself to continuous personal and professional development, not only within the beauty industry, mastering various techniques, but also through my extensive international experiences, having lived in several different countries around the world. Additionally, I had the privilege of attending one of the most prestigious universities in London. 


For an entire year, I wholly committed myself to gaining expertise in the pageant world, learning from the finest instructors in various domains such as catwalk, public speaking, general knowledge, stage presence, and even acting, among others. I meticulously applied this knowledge using a unique strategy, which ultimately led to a successful outcome. Today, my objective is to provide aspiring young ladies with valuable guidance and shortcuts to help them achieve their own pageant crowns. Within the industry, there are several pageants, each characterized by its unique essence and specific success requirements. My mission is to share all the knowledge, experiences, and specialized strategies necessary to assist you, my future Queen, in realizing your dreams in the world of beauty pageants.

Isabella Menin was born in Marília, a town in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. At 27 years old and standing at a height of 1.81 meters, she is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, with proficient communication skills in French and Italian. From a young age, Isabella has actively participated in beauty pageants, achieving numerous titles, including Mini Miss, Miss Mirim, Miss Student, Miss Marília Teen, Miss São Paulo Teen, and Miss Teen Brazil. Notably, she secured the Miss Teen International title in Costa Rica in 2013, her first international competition. Demonstrating her fearless spirit, Isabella ventured to China alone at the age of 13 to pursue a modeling career. She has also lived and worked as a model in various countries, including Brazil, Argentina, France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, and England. Recognizing the significance of her role as a woman in society and the importance of nurturing her intellectual abilities, Isabella graduated with top honors in economics and earned a master's degree in finance from UCL (University College London), a globally top-ranked university and one of the top 3 in England. In her professional journey within the finance sector, Isabella excelled in wealth management at Thomson Tyndall, a company awarded as one of the best financial planning firms in 2021 by TheWealthNet, based in London. Beyond her career achievements, Isabella is deeply committed to social projects. She founded her initiative, "Beyond," with the aim of assisting people with disabilities. The project has already provided support to charities in Brazil and Thailand, with plans to expand its impact worldwide. In a remarkable feat, Isabella secured the title of Miss Grand International in Jakarta, Indonesia, one of the largest beauty pageants globally. She not only became the first Brazilian to win the Miss Grand International title in 2022 but also the fifth Brazilian to bring a Grand Slam title to Brazil in 51 years. Additionally, she earned the prestigious title of Miss Grand Slam 2022, being recognized as the best beauty queen of the year among all the Grand Slam pageants.


Isabella is deeply passionate about social projects, actively supporting and raising awareness for various global causes. She is the founder of her own initiative, known as "Project Beyond," which is dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities.


This project holds a profound personal connection for Isabella, as it was inspired by her grandfather, who lived with tetraplegia. Despite facing immense challenges, he never allowed his limitations to define his identity. He transcended these difficult circumstances, ultimately becoming a remarkable individual who achieved success both professionally and personally.


Isabella's mission is to provide support and empowerment to people with disabilities, and she is committed to taking inclusive actions that enable them to realize their full potential.


The project has already visited and supported various charities that assist people with disabilities, as well as individuals who have disabilities, in Brazil and Thailand. Its goal is to continue spreading kindness and support globally.


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